Your illuminated carnival experience

Everything you should expect when you come on the road for ASAP Glow Parade


  • Carib Radler
  • Carib
  • Skol
  • Stag
  • Guinness
  • Bary's Sexy Punch
    ( Glow Parade Signature rum punch )
Sponsored by
  • Glow parade T-Shirt
  • led glow sticks
  • glow headband / Necklace
  • uv body & face painting by lucid skn
  • UV lighting effects by visual fx lighting
  • uv confetti effects by bg fireworks



  • illuminated trucks featuring DJs and artists
  • AkaiiuSweet + Mr Bagnall & Crew
  • dj tero
  • hell fire intl
  • rucase h.e.
  • mod stoney
  • Mr. Mention
  • Cultural display
  • steel pan truck by ebj harmonics

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